The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

ADVERTISING & PUBLIC RELATIONS 42.04.01 - Communication Management


Specialisation: Communication Management

Degree: Master

Study Mode: Full Time

Duration: 2 academic years (60 ECTS per year)

Entry Criteria: a Bachelor's (or higher) degree.

Would you like to obtain advanced theoretical knowledge and practical competence in the popular and prestigious field of Advertising and Public Relations? Do you wish to be better prepared for a quality employment position? Are you interested in mass communication? Do you want to know how to create an effective communications infrastructure of a company? Or are you attracted by the possibility of conducting highly professional advertising and PR campaigns? In this case, this Master-level programme is for you!

Programme Overview

This Master Programme places emphasis on developing your practical skills and theoretical knowledge as a mass communication expert. Uniquely, two foreign languages on the curriculum will equip you with the skills and competence you will need to work in today's multilingual professional settings. Moreover, you will gain the understanding of culture, business and politics of foreign countries.

You will learn how:

1. to design and conduct communication campaigns and events, as well as to assess their effectiveness;

2. to manage internal and external communications of a company, including communications with governmental and non-governmental organizations and with mass media;

3. to prepare promotional materials and press releases in Russian and foreign languages;

4. to analyse markets of goods and services, including the international market.

At the end of your studies, you will have an oral final examination in Communication Management. You will also give a viva presentation of your graduation research paper (Master's Thesis).

On graduation you can either continue research at the doctoral level or go on to work in the corporate sector or government agencies, as well as in mass media, making use of your expertise in mass communications.

Year 1

The first year is devoted to mastering your skills of planning and managing advertising and PR campaigns (Planning and Conducting Advertising and PR Campaigns, Advertising and PR Techniques, Production of Promotional Materials, etc). You are also introduced to managing communications processes (Integrated Communications in Local, Regional and Global Processes, Modern Political Communications, Informational Processes in Politics, etc.). You will be given an opportunity to reinforce the acquired skills during the work placement period.

Year 2

In the second year, you will continue to master practical skills in managing advertising and PR agencies, investment attractiveness of businesses and brand management (Management of Advertising and PR agencies, Brand Management, Investment Attractiveness Management), but the main focus of your work is finalising your Master’s Thesis that is to be of both academic and practical value and preparing for your graduation examination. You will be allowed four weeks to complete your Master’s Thesis.