Лекция Почетного доктора МГЛУ Петра Митчелла

8 февраля 2022 г. в МГЛУ состоится лекция заведующего кафедрой перевода и языковых коммуникаций факультета иностранных языков Томского государственного университета, Почетного доктора МГЛУ Петра Джоновича Митчелла "Navigating the Path to Career Success". Лекция пройдет на английском языке.

Do you want a job in a world-class organization? If you want to get a job in any English-speaking country (or in an international company that uses English), this lecture is for you. We will discuss how to stand out from the crowd, how to make a great first impression, and how to highlight your strengths. Step by step, we will explore:
1. How to find your ideal vacancy
2. How to construct a resume/CV targeted for your dream vacancy
3. How to compose a cover letter that makes a connection
4. How to strategically prepare for a successful job interview

About the lecturer:
Peter J Mitchell is an internationally renowned consultant who has assisted professionals worldwide on their path to success in organizations as diverse as PwC and the United Nations. Dr Mitchell has many years’ experience as a leader and manager in business and education. A regular keynote speaker at international conferences and seminars, he has been recognized by ministries and departments of education around the world for his work. His online course ‘Career planning: resume/CV, cover letter, interview’ on Coursera was rated №1 in the world for career development by Class Central and is now available on Udemy.

Место проведения: Москва, ул. Остоженка, 38, стр.2 (аудитория 107)

Начало мероприятия: 08 февраля 2022 в 11:00

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