Università linguistica statale di Mosca
Università di lingue straniere di Mosca «Maurice Thorez»

International Centre for Francophone Studies


Address: Room 311, 38 Ostozhenka St., Moscow


FFC.jpg Director:
Natalia Viktorovna YEGOROVA

The International Centre for Franco phone Studies was set up by agreement with the Embassy of France in 2002.

With its well-stocked and regularly updated library and a regular schedule of meetings, seminars, panel discussions, talks by French embassy staff and French educationalists, authors, poets and translators, it is a place where today's francophone issues are indeed at the centre of activity.

In November 2006, together with the French Embassy and the International Centre of Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) in Sèvres, France, the Francophone Centre held the first workshop for future examiners under the DELF/DALF/TCF system. Since December 2006, it has been a DELF/DALF TP examinations venue in Moscow (for adult learners of French). It continues this activity together with the French Cultural Centre in Moscow and the French Institute in Moscow. More than 30 sessions of DELF/DALF Tout Public have been held (3 times a year, in March, May and December), and 10 sessions of TCF/TCF-DAP (every February). The cadre of examiners, drafted both from MSLU faculty and other leading universities, undergo advanced training and certification.