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MSLU Hosts Delegation From North Korea

MSLU Hosts Delegation From North Korea
On October 30, 2018 MSLU hosted a delegation from the Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies, DPRK. The meeting opened with a welcoming address by Rector Irina Kraeva who stressed the growing cooperation between the universities and the high quality of education at the Pyongyang University.
During the meeting the partners discussed a range of issues related to future cooperation and increasing awareness of the two cultures. MSLU is going to hold a student competition “What I Know About North Korea, its Language and Culture” with representatives of the North Korean Embassy in Moscow to judge it. Besides, the Pyongyang University invited MSLU professors to participate in a workshop as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations. MSLU linguists were also invited to review the Korean-Russian Dictionary compiled by their colleagues in the Pyongyang University.

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