The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Institutes, Faculties & Departments

MSLU has ten large academic Departments serving all or several of the Faculties. They are, briefly described:

  • Department of Second Foreign Languages provides instruction in English for the students of the Faculties of French and German, and instruction in French, German, Spanish and other languages for the students of the Faculty of English.
  • Department of Linguodidactics specialises in Methods of FL Teaching essential for teachers in training.
  • Department of Humanities and Socioeconomic Disciplines combines the expertise of lecturers and instructors in the fields of History, Geography, Regional Studies, Philosophy and Logic to serve the curriculum requirements of MSLU students working for their Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degrees.
  • Department of Psychology and Pedagogical Anthropology mostly caters to the needs of students who have chosen degrees in Teaching and Psychology.
  • Department of Literature is one of the oldest at the University, offering courses that are indispensable for anyone who specialises in Languages.
  • Department of Russian not only sets the students' proficiency in their native Russian on a firm scholarly footing, but helps them better understand the fundamental laws that govern languages generally.
  • Department of Classical Philology provides instruction in Latin, underlying many European languages.
  • Department of General and Comparative Linguistics focuses on the most fundamental aspects of languages, working in coordination with the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Department of Physical Training is unique in catering to the needs of young people studying at MSLU for stamina, athletic achievement and fitness.
  • Department of Military Training fosters the skills and knowledge central to those who have opted for the specialisation of Military Linguists.