The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Project Office for International Cooperation

Olga Egorova, PhD, Full Professor


Ostozhenka, 38, building 1, office 45

What We Do

• We launch and pursue activities both at the University and abroad, which facilitate establishing and developing international partnerships between the University and foreign universities, as well as other organizations working in the area of higher education;

• We participate in negotiations and interact in other ways with colleagues at foreign universities and international organizations;

• We cooperate with the departments of the University engaged in international activities, namely

◦ managing international partnerships between the University and foreign organizations;

◦ attracting foreign citizens for educational programmes of higher education, additional educational and exchange programmes at the University,

◦ applying for participation in international projects and international competitions for fund raising;

• We analyze, search, prepare and provide signing cooperation agreements (contracts) with foreign universities and research centers, as well as educational and consulting agencies focusing on international students recruiting;

• We participate in developing, implementing and monitoring plans for cooperation between the University and its structural divisions with foreign partners;

• We initiate and contribute to organization, coordinate and monitor international commercial summer schools, inclusive educational programmes, academic mobility programmes of the University, double degree educational programmes of the University and foreign universities;

• We initiate and coordinate preparing of applications for scholarship programmes related to the support of international academic mobility (Erasmus +, TEMPUS, etc.), as well as coordinate activities within these programmes.