The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

How to Apply


Admissions Office

Tel.: +7 499 268 9100; +7 499 268 4608


If you are seeking full-time or part-time study at MSLU, you must apply through the University Admissions Office. The opening date for submitting applications is June 20th, 2022. The closing date may vary according to the programme you are applying for: July 7th – July 10th, 2022 for Bachelor programmes, and July 30th, 2022 for Master programmes.

Before applying to MSLU, please check the general and specific entry requirements for the programme you have chosen.

A full list of programmes at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels is available on the University’s English website, in the Studies - Programmes and Courses section, and on the University’s Russiaon website, in the Areas of Study section. 

To apply for a Bachelor’s degree programme, you need to provide a Certificate of the Unified State Examinations: in Russian and two other subjects of your choice.

To apply for a Master’s Degree Programme, you must have documentary proof of a Bachelor’s Degree or a higher qualification.

To enroll on a Doctoral programme, you must have a Master’s (or Specialist’s) degree.

Applicants for Master and Doctoral programmes are required to sit entrance examinations in (a) a foreign language, (b) their area of study and (c) History and Philosophy of Science.

If you are a university graduate (both RF and non-RF) seeking a second undergraduate degree, please refer to the Faculty of Continuing Education page for further information.