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Internships for MSLU Students

MSLU has 146 partner universities from 39 countries. One of the main goals of concluding cooperation agreements with them is to ensure the academic mobility of students, that is, internship programmes.

In 2017, 288 students went on internships, in 2018 - 306, in 2019 - 339. In 2019, 27% of the number of students of the 3rd year of the bachelor's and specialist's and the fourth year of the master's program participated in exchange programmes.

To which countries and universities can I go for an internship?

See List of MSLU partner universities

How to get an internship?

Every year in mid-February, Office for International Cooperation and Internationalization sends to the faculties / institutes information about planned internships at foreign partner universities in the next academic year (the information contains universities, number of quotas, conditions).

Faculty / institute is to select students for internships. You can check the selection criteria, the number of quotas and terms in your dean's office.

The final lists of nominated students are submitted Office for International Cooperation and Internationalization, them the coordinators will students for further information.

Students of which faculties/institutes and courses can take an internship?

Students of all faculties/institutes and levels of study can take an internship starting from the 2nd year of undergraduate and specialist studies. Master's students and postgraduate students may also go on an internship.

What are the conditions for tuition?

All MSLU partner universities provide free tuition. You can check more details with your dean's office after February 15th.

What is the duration of the internship?

The duration of the internship depends on the terms of the cooperation agreement with the partner university and can last from 1 month to an academic year.

Can I choose the timing of my internship?

The internship time is offered to you by your dean's office. Anyway, you can discuss other options with them.

What are the internship costs?

The dean's offices have indicative information about the amount of students' own expenses in each country of exchange.

Do I need to continue paying tuition fees at MSLU during my internship?

Yes, you do.

Can I go for an internship under the Erasmus+ programme?

Yes, you can, upon the recommendation of your faculty/institute. You can find information about the Erasmus+ program here.

Is it possible to go for an internship under the double degree programme?

All information can be found here

How to apply for an internship visa?

After receiving an invitation letter, students independently apply for a visa through a consulate or visa center. You can find the list of documents required for applying for a visa on the websites of the relevant organizations. Follow the information on the website of the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Is it possible to go on a summer internship?
During vacation time, a student can independently go on an internship at any university of his choice. In this case, the student is responsible for the paperwork.