The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Faculty of the Humanities

The Faculty of the Humanities was opened on the 1st of January, 2017, following a resolution of the MSLU Academic Board of Oct. 31, 2016. Its dean is Assoc. Prof. Marina Poletayeva, PhD (Culturology).

The Faculty embraces four areas of specialisation: Psychology, Educational Psychology, Theology and Culturology. The students' linguistic education is catered to by the newly established Department of Professional Communication and Linguistics for the Humanities (Head of the Department: Assoc. Prof. Olga Lavrova, PhD (Pedagogy)).

Under the Moscow State Linguistic University's Development Programme for 2017–25, the Faculty of the Humanities is to be the first step towards establishing an International Network University for Spiritual Education. The Faculty sees its mission in providing its students with an environment for all-round personal development and comprehensive high-quality education in the field of the Humanities, as the field works out its professional standards. The Faculty is involved in elaborating an overall policy document on moral and spiritual edification of the young generation, which proceeds from the assumption that young people are the ones who are best suited to act as intercultural mediators in the modern globalised world, while preserving their Russian cultural identity.

The Faculty is committed to providing an education that is flexible in formats and resources employed, and adaptable to a variety of academic and real-life requirements.

All the students of the Faculty are to graduate with a bachelor-level mastery of two or more foreign languages, and a master's (or postgraduate) level of competence in at least one.