The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

The Faculty of German


The Faculty of German is as old as the University itself, dating back to 1930. Over the years, the faculty has trained more than 8,000 graduates.

Today, the Faculty offers study programmes in the following specialisations:

The Bachelor programme is offered in the full-time (4 years) or part-time (5 years) mode; the Master programme is scheduled for 2 years. All the students have German as their FL1 and English as FL2.

The Faculty prides itself on being descended from one of Russia's oldest and best schools of teaching German as a foreign language. Most of our staff lecturers are the pupils of such eminent German scholars as professors Chernysheva, Moskalskaya, Stepanova, Schendels, Reichstein, Karpov, Riesel, Nork, Burdina, Gorodnikova, Klimov and others, and a third of our faculty are young teachers continuing the tradition.

The three leading departments of the Faculty are those of Lexicology and Stylistics (headed by Asst.Prof. Tsvetayeva), Grammar and History of German (Prof. Kazantseva), Phonetics (Prof. Karpova).