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Internship in Lyon

Yulia Bezgina, Department of the French language, on her internship at Lumiere Lyon 2 University, France.

At the beginning of 2022, I was lucky to do an internship in France at Lumiere Lyon 2 University.

In Lyon, me and other international students received a very warm welcome at the university. They helped us with all administrative matters, organized an amazing tour of the historical part of the city.

As for the educational process, we were able to choose subjects on our own. I chose not only the subjects related to our major, but electives as well. For example, I took a course in economics, which interests me very much. And the great advantage was that all subjects are taught in French.

There were many events for foreign students dedicated to the study of the history of France, the structure of French society as a whole. The two libraries of the university had everything we needed for our studies.

The university in Lyon is quite large, its capacity is about 30 thousand students. Besides, it consists of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Lyon is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe with a rich history, many monuments, and amazing architecture, now it is one of my favorite cities.

During the internship I had a unique opportunity to travel around Europe. I saw many French cities and learned about different cultural features.

In Lyon, there is an opportunity to make friends not only with the French, but also with students from all over the world, since Lyon is a very popular city for international students.

The University of Lyon gave me and opportunity to try my hand in a new occupation: teaching Russian as a foreign language, since the Russian language that is quite popular abroad. In addition, I was eager to see a different educational system and teaching methods. It is also a great practice of languages ​​and the elimination of the conversational barrier.

Overall, in the course of the internship I saw the French language from a different angle, and now I am really in love with it. The internship increased my level of language proficiency, which surely be advantageous for my employment in the future. In general, it was a wonderful experience of independent life, and my time management skills and problem solving skills improved. An internship abroad is one of the best opportunities that our university provides. For each student, this is a great adventure that allows you to perceive the language being studied in a completely different way, look at people and the world as a whole. Many thanks to MSLU, university teachers and our parents for such an invaluable and unforgettable experience!

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