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MSLU Double Degree Program

On March 10, 2022, Marina Sokolova, graduate of the English Faculty Master's program, now a lecturer at Moscow State Linguistic University, received a diploma from the University of Bayreuth under the Double Degree Program, implemented jointly with MSLU. She studied at the University of Bayreuth for 6 months, majoring in "Language - Interaction - Culture".

Here is what she says about her studies at the University of Bayreuth:

“The most memorable was the large number of challenges that we had to face during the pandemic. For example, even before the start of the trip, it was very difficult to make an appointment at the embassy for a visa, because appointments were booked in a couple of seconds. As for the study itself, then at first the classes were held in a mixed format (some of them in person, some remotely), but a month later we were transferred to the online format.

The most difficult thing was to score the required number of credits in order to qualify for a second diploma. According to the agreement between the universities, it is necessary to earn 30 credits in one semester at the University of Bayreuth. This involves being engaged in about 10 academic disciplines with an exam at the end.

Though my studies at the University of Bayreuth took place during the pandemic, this internship gave me an unforgettable experience. In addition to immersing myself in a new academic environment, I was able to make new acquaintances with native speakers and travel around the cities of Bavaria.

This internship was definitely worth it. Thanks to the cooperation between MSLU and the University of Bayreuth, master students can receive both a diploma from their native university and a diploma from a German university, which opens up many career opportunities.

Now I teach German at the Department of Lexicology and Stylistics of the German Language at MSLU. If I ever get another opportunity to go to a university in Germany as a teacher, I would gladly take it."

The cooperation agreement with Universities on the implementation of the double degree program was signed in September 2017. MSLU implements double degree programs with universities of Italy, Spain, Germany and Iran.

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